Wellhealth how to build muscle tag

Wellhealth how to build muscle tag :- If a person is thin, that means he is like a skeletal system, then many people say that he eats, drinks or lives by breathing. And after hearing such comments, people decide that now they have to build a body and start eating like they have been hungry since birth.

What to do to build a good body?

But let us tell you that this is a kind of wrong mind set. To build a good body, you have to understand the 50-30-20 formula, but now the question comes that what is this 50-30-20 formula. Or you will understand when you read the post thoroughly till the end.

1. Diet :- (Wellhealth how to build muscle tag)

The most important thing in body building is a good and healthy diet, hence you have to focus 50% on your diet, that is, you have to start your body building from your kitchen and not from your gym. If you build your body by taking supplements and protein shakes available in the market, then you will not get any benefit from it, it will build your body but it will be of no use.

Which is the good food for body building?

So it is important that to build a good and healthy body, we have to focus on good food and diet which has high protein like: milk, bananas, soybean, curd, cheese, eggs, nuts, chicken, meat. If you consume all these things, your body will not only remain maintained but your weight will also keep increasing.

Body kaise banaye tips hindi
Wellhealth how to build muscle tag

Which food makes the body? (how to gain weight)

Because all these products contain high amounts of protein, your muscles and all the nutrients will be well supplied from here, which will help your body grow and build your body.

2. Exercise :- 

If you ask 10 people on the street whether they like to exercise, then eight of them will say yes, but when you ask whether they exercise every day, eight of them will say that they want to exercise but we do not have to. If you don’t get time or feel lazy, ask yourself when was the last time you exercised and for how many days did you follow the routine, maybe not even a week. We will tell you a method by which you will do exercise very easily and you will not even realize it and you will also enjoy it.(Wellhealth how to build muscle tag)

What things should you pay attention to to build your body?

Now remind yourself of your life and think whether you have ever followed any routing for exercise. When most of us think about bodybuilding, they have to focus on only two things, first is diet and second is exercise. But in reality, when we want to build a body, we have to focus well on three things, first is diet, second is exercise and third is rest.

Wellhealth how to build muscle tag
Wellhealth how to build muscle tag

What are the side effects of not taking proper diet?

Whether you exercise for a month or a week, if you are not taking proper diet after workout, then you will not get any benefit from it. Your body will remain the same lean and without muscular. On the contrary, you may also get side effects from it like Internal injuries: Fatigue in the body and feeling sleepy after exercise or feeling uninterested in work.

Why body is not formed even after exercise?

You must have seen many people who go to the gym or do exercise at home, but still their body is thin and thin, this happens because they do not take proper diet due to which their body is not able to be built. To provide good health to the body, we need protein rich food.(Wellhealth how to build muscle tag)

Why is protein important? (weight gain tips in hindi)

Because whenever we do any exercise, small cramps occur in our muscles and to repair these cramps, we need protein and when this protein repairs it, our body takes out the shop. You should also do some workout and have a good diet.

Wellhealth how to build muscle tag
Wellhealth how to build muscle tag

How many times should one eat food? 

But when many people join new gyms, they focus only on new exercises due to which they think that their body will become like Hrithik Roshan, but according to an article in Times of India, Hrithik Roshan does six exercises a day. If you eat food frequently, then think for yourself whether it is more important to exercise or take a good protein diet to build your body.

What is preworkout? (Wellhealth how to build muscle tag)

Now there are many people who start doing hard exercises directly after joining the gym, but these are the people who do not know about pre workout and post workout. Pre workout means whenever we do any work we have to prepare for it.

Why is pre workout important?

There are some similar exercises also, when we go to the gym to exercise, then first of all we should warm up and we should make our body flexible so that we can prepare both our brain and body to do all kinds of exercises. You will not have to face cramps, internal injuries etc. But unlike when you do not do pre-workout, you may have to face a lot of problems and your workout will stop midway.

When you join a gym, you have to follow a proper routing of your exercises, that means you do not have to do only one exercise, you have to vary your exercises, which will benefit you in getting all types of muscles, but On the contrary, if a person does the same exercise repeatedly then he may face a lot of problems in getting muscle scan and his muscles will also not grow quickly.

Rest:- When we talk about body building, all our attention is on eating and exercising but we forget that rest is also an important part to build a good body, if we do not give proper rest to our body. If we have this problem then our body will never be able to become strong.

This happens because to cure the muscle cramps that occur when we do any exercise, even if we take a good protein diet, it is necessary to cure the scraps. We should also give proper time to the muscles and this proper time is available only when we rest.

So from here we can see how important it is to rest, if you win then it is very important for you to exercise 5 days a week and rest for two days.

You have to take deep sleep of 7 to 8 hours every day, it will prove to be very helpful in your muscle growth and muscle repairing and healing of all types of injuries and you will feel healthy. Now by eating 7 to 8 hours slip, we do not mean that you sleep from 12:00 to 1:00 at night and wake up at 10:00 in the morning, by this we mean that you sleep early in the evening and before the sun rises in the morning.

Wake up properly so that you complete your 7-8 hours and your body feels fresh. With this you can also remove your mobile and screen time because in today’s era it has become a very unhealthy habit. If you get rid of it. If you achieve this then you will be ahead of 80% of the people.

50-30-20 Rule:- This is the best day to build body, you have to focus 50% on diet, 30% you have to focus on exercise and 20% you have to focus on waste. If you follow this routine even for a week. If you try it, you will clearly see the difference in your body and if you follow it for 1 month, your body will become better.

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